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Quality Materials

Our pillow shells are a 50/50 blend, and our fibers are 100% polyester. That means the pillow won't yellow over time, and the fill will not pack down.


Our poly fibers absorb heat and transfer it throughout the pillow. Especially our BEST pillow line. And we should know because we make all of our pillows in Florida!

Made For All Sleep Positions

80% of us change sleep positions more than 12 times per night - varies with age - Usually, side to back and stomach to side. No matter how you sleep, we have the right pillow for you.

Easy To Care For

If you change your pillowcase at least once every 2 weeks, you should not need to wash your pillow often. But if you do need to wash your pillow, be sure to use cold water and the gentle cycle and dry on LOW heat with an air fluff finish. Promptly remove the pillow from the dryer and smack it on a table or chair a few times to redistribute the fibers.

What Our Customers Think:

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Just ordered The Best Pillow, and my husband and I are blown away. Luxury hotel comfort for $40, exceptional!

Linda Stewart

Placed an order and received my shipment in 4 days. Excited to try out my Just Pillow!

Cameron Lewis

My wife and I love our Green Pillow. I am a side sleeper, and my wife tosses and turns. We've had no issues with the pillows keeping shape. Will recommend to friends and family.

Aldo Milian

INCREDIBLE! We ordered The Best Pillow and within one night's rest, I noticed a tremendous difference in my quality of sleep. Will be placing an order to furnish our guest room.

Renee Gates

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